RadTour is a movement and a lifestyle. We organize the one-day events to encourage and inspire folks to choose to bike whenever possible and fuel-up with local food. In German, radtour means: bicycle ride. 

Get high on endorphins, eat nutritious food, and feel RADiant! RadTour partners with local farms, chefs, organizations and businesses to produce bicycle tours that celebrate and educate sourcing locally; serving healthy, sustainable food en route.

Bolstering the local food and transportation by bicycle movements we can obliterate the obesity epidemic and heal our broken food system. Building a constituency of cyclists and locavores by organizing killer events is how we aim to accomplish this. We hope to engender greater appreciation for local agrarian economies and believe that if local farmers and businesses that source from them succeed, our communities will be vibrant and thrive.  

Bicycle whenever possible. Fuel your body with local, healthy food whenever possible. Enjoy benefits of fermented products. Amongst friends & in costumes is best. We spend way too much time nowadays on devices and indoors and we end up a little disconnected. Getting out for a day of bicycling, savoring food prepared fresh by chefs, enjoying handcrafted beverages while roaming incredible farms in the company of friends.​ Simply rad. 

RadTour 2017 is now accepting Rockstar Chef Applications. We work with Chefs committed to sourcing locally; who serve authentic, fresh cuisine that packs a punch. Provide your info and we will send you the Rockstar Chef Application and Agreement.