What is RadTour? 

RadTour’s vision is to produce intimate, community-oriented bicycle events across the country and contribute momentum to the bicycle and local food movements. These bicycle tours feature local farms, foods and the chefs that utilize these ingredients. Riders savor tastings prepared fresh by local chefs and enjoy handcrafted beverages while roaming farms and environmental designations in the company of friends.

We hope to engender greater appreciation for local agrarian economies and encourage people to choose bicycling whenever possible. We believe that if local farmers and those businesses that support them succeed, our communities will be vibrant and healthy. The goal is to link community members and local restaurants with local food suppliers, and that people continue to support farms long after the ride is over.

The best way to experience the beauty of the countryside is by bicycle. 

What should I wear?

Costumes are encouraged and celebrated!


Whatever you are most comfortable in. If this is your first time riding more than around town consider spandex or bike shorts. Dress in layers. Mornings can be cool, afternoons hot and sweaty; the wind could pick up or it could start to rain. 

Riding on gravel?

Most farms are on gravel roads so yes, the ride will be a mix of gravel, pavement and maybe even some level B minimum maintenance roads. Always check the event webpage for more information on route conditions. Some rides are all paved and some routes include 10-15 miles of gravel. We try to provide gravel and pavement options on the route when possible to accommodate all types of riders. IMG_3836

Gravel riding can be fun and it’s where many of the farms are located. Riding gravel is completely possible on a road bike, but if you are concerned about rocks hitting your nice paint job, we suggest riding something a bit more rugged. 

What kind of bike should I ride?

You can ride just about any style of bicycle. RadTour bike rides are slow paced; a leisurely stroll, so whatever you are comfortable on for a day in the saddle will do. The terrain, distance, and experience will determine the best bike for the ride. We’ve seen all kinds of bikes: cruisers, fat bikes, cross bikes, hybrids, road bikes, unicycles, mountain bikes, and tandems. 

What should I pack to bring with me?

A small camelbak, pannier or basket for your bike. Fill it with any fun supplies you might need for a leisurely day of bicycling with friends.

Do remember to bring:

-Water bottle, patch repair kit, spare tube, LIGHTS, cash, and nutrition bars

What should expect the day of the event?

Expect a friendly yet adventurous route of local farms paired with chefs serving up tastings of local food. We try to have stops every 10-15 miles.

The route will be marked with signage.


Radtour is the German word for ‘bicycle ride’. In English we use ‘rad’ for something that is awesome, badass or cool and it’s short for radical. We think farmers who are committed to growing and raising healthy, sustainable food are rad! We want to introduce them and their farm operations, and do it in the most fun and sustainable way we can: by bicycle.