Howdy folks!
It is our hope that these rad bicycle tours of local farms, food & fermentation will inspire you to eat and bike local whenever possible.
Ride on.

Audrey Wiedemeier, Founder & Chief Logisticizer 

Aud and BarlesAudrey began commuting by bicycle in middle school when she would ride into town from the Iowa countryside and show up to 7th grade homeroom with a skidmark up her back (not much has changed). It was on the “back-forty” where she learned from her parents the joy, beauty and zen-like awareness that comes with growing food and plants. Her favorite memory is of picking strawberries for hours in the hot morning sun that is May in the Midwest.

She has spent the last eight years working in bicycle world and local food movement. Much of this time has been spent in Iowa City but she has also worked in Washington, DC, the DR and Haiti on various agritourism, ecotourism and community bike projects. She thinks that promoting local food by taking people out to the farms on their bicycles is the most fun way to advocate for small farmers and biking for transportation.

Kris Estergaard, Slo Rida

IMG_20150920_090421Upon receiving a piece of paper with words like High School and Diploma, Kris embarked on a 3 year adventure in radio at a country music station in Texas. Serving as DJ, music director, and production director was fun and all but Kris yearned for more and accepted a bribe to attend college.

After a 4 year exchange of papers filled with words Kris received a piece of paper with more words like BA and Business and Degree from an institute of higher learning. The subsequent years are quite fuzzy to Kris at this time but may have involved some type of travel and other odd jobs.

Currently Kris rides bikes, daydreams about rad bike tours, naps under trees, eats local foods, drinks lots of delicious snooty beer and has a laughing problem. On the side Kris serves as General Burden for a global educational corporation doing strange things like data setup and configuration (whatever that means).