Culinary Ride to RadTour

Howdy Rad Riders,

Kris and I are excited to make an announcement! No, we are not pregnant, but the project that we’ve been nurturing for the past few years, Culinary Ride, will be moving forward as RadTour Bike Ride. Same events bicycling local farms, food and fermentation, different name. Basically all that changes is the Facebook name. 

In case you were wondering RadTour is the German word for BIKE RIDE. Using RadTour and Bike Ride together makes me think I am an a ecstatic six-year-old again jumping up and down squealing, “bike ride, bike ride!” 

It is freaking awesome riding alongside so many amazing folks each time we get together, and Kris and I want to keep logisticizing rides for years to come. We feel that the name RadTour embraces all aspects of life pertaining to living a bicycle lifestyle and fueling our mind, body and spirit with local farm fresh food and fermented products. Sunshine and real food are the number one doctors.

Each event we organize is an opportunity to learn more about our local food system and the farmers that make it happen. It is a chance for us to grow as individuals and meet other riders doing amazing things. One of our favorite aspects about the event is that folks from all different skill levels and biking backgrounds ride together sharing a good time, stories, and farm fresh meals. 

To the Superhero Farmers! Thank you for always welcoming us to your farm and giving us a glimpse of growing for a more sustainable future. To the Rockstar Chefs! Thank you for always inspiring us how we too can eat seasonally and source locally.

Thank you for coming on our rides. It’s the riders that make for such a kick-ass time! We put a lot of energy into “R and D” to make it an enriching experience while keeping ticket prices affordable. I feel like we’re just now starting to get the hang of it!

RadTour is choosing to bike whenever possible, celebrating local food systems, and learning how to incorporate probiotic-rich ferments into our diet. RadTour Bike Ride!

Ride on.