Dumpling Darling

LESLIE 576x1024I first ate these delectable delights by Dumpling Darling late one night at a friends house. “A healthy, post-bar food, to-go?!” You bet you can pick up freshly made Korean style dumplings late night in Dirty John’s grocery cooler!

A lot is happening for Lesley this year. Dumpling Darling herself, Lesley Triplett, is the newest addition to New Bo City Market, you’ll find her at the Iowa City Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, she just opened a commercial kitchen above John’s Grocery, and we’re thrilled to feature her hand made dumplings packed with ferments on this years New Bo Culinary Ride. Let’s have a gander at what keeps this girl going!


Top three ingredients?

Gochuchang (Korean red pepper paste), sesame oil, and fresh ginger. Such good flavors.

Favorite seasonal ingredient?

Pumpkin! In the fall, I go pumpkin crazy. I’m looking forward to bringing back the “Pumpling”. Pumpkin dumpling, get it?!

Beer, wine or martini?

My husband and I have had serious debates about if we had to drink either beer or wine for the rest of our lives, which one we would choose. It’s really an impossible decision. A glass of red wine or a Belgian beer makes me so happy.

Typical morning ritual?

Coffee, coffee, and more coffee.

Favorite kitchen tool?

My bamboo steamers. They provide a healthy and efficient way of cooking, plus they look super cool.

I never get tired of…

Sriracha. I carry a bottle in my purse for emergencies.

Everybody needs…

To travel. Experiencing and tasting new things is what life is all bout.

Favorite music to jam to in your new kitchen?

Father John Misty, Alabama Shakes, and Shovels and Rope.

Best work experience?

Being at the Farmers Market on a sunny Saturday morning is my happy place. I get to be surrounded by the best food and friendliest people around. I am thankful every Saturday for being part of this incredible community.

Favorite food memory?

When I was living in Korea, we would go to this all you-can-eat Korean BBQ place. We got to pick the whatever meats we wanted out of the display cooler (and there were so many options!) and cook it on the table ourselves while sitting on the floor. I have the fondest memories of sitting Indian-style around the table with friends and cooking up rounds and rounds of the tastiest food that inevitably always ended in a meat coma. Did I mention I was a vegetarian before I moved to Korea?

Funniest dumpling incident?

I was so tickled to serve a Chinese man dumplings who came to my Farmers Market stand. He ended up buying a ton and then was feeding them by hand to people walking by while shouting “This is amazing!”. I couldn’t ask for better advertising then that.

Death Row Dumpling?

Smoked beef brisket and kimchi dumplings served with a homemade Korean BBQ sauce.

Why participate in the Culinary Ride?

Biking + Food + Farms + nice people = the best thing to do with a summer day.

Any new projects in the works?

I’m hoping to open up a dumpling shop in Iowa City soon. I’m just waiting for the perfect space to open up. I’m also working on some new recipes that will be hitting the shelves of local grocery stores in the next few months.


And we are excited to try them Lesley!

Ride on.