Dear Superhero Farmer,

Thank you for your dedication to growing a healthy local agrarian economy. We would be thrilled to highlight you and your farm on this bicycle ride we call RadTour. If you are enthusiastic to the idea of opening up your farm to bicyclists eager to learn more about local food production, we graciously hope to work with you. We pair each farm with a local chef who serves tasting of their gustatory delights made with yours and other local ingredients. We aim for menus that use a minimum of 80% locally sourced ingredients.

What would you want to get out of being on ride? Do you want to promote a CSA sign-up, get the word out about a specific farm project, simply contribute to education of local food production or a combination of these things? Please, let us know. 

Obesity and processed foods threaten the health of humans and our environment. It is our mission to take action by promoting healthy lifestyles, and the farmers who are leading the way. Using the bicycle as a primary means of transportation while promoting small farms that provide real food will make the difference. We invite you to join us as we inspire people to think more sustainably. Below are basic details. More in-depth discussions will ensue to accommodate individual farm needs.

More Information

    • Promote your farms to local consumers and network with Chefs and businesses.
    • Educate cyclists about progressive and unique farm projects and the farming lifestyle so as to inspire future farmers-urban and rural.
    • Cultivate strong local food culture.
    • Give people an adventurous experience that will be a reminder that, “If we can bike to meet our farmer, we can bike to the grocery store.”
    • If you have a specific or special project, service or product that you want to promote, let us know and we can make a plan. 


    • One-day bicycle ride of 100-300 cyclists
    • The route is 30-60 miles of mixed terrain. Gravel, trail, dirt and pavement.
    • Ride-at-your-own-pace and the route is signed.
    • We aim for a challenging, adventurous route
    • Chefs buy their ingredients from featured farms and other regional farmers.


    • Collaboration and communication with chef and the RadTour crew a day or two leading up to the event.
    • 3-4 Hour window of time on day of ride for cyclists to experience your farm.
    • Enthusiasm to engage with bicyclists and talk about the farming lifestyle and various projects and operations.
    • Ideas and on-hand materials for event set-up e.g. hay bales, trailer beds, makeshift tables, flowers etc. Nothin’ fancy!
    • There is no need to feel pressured to “clean-up” your farm unless you feel like it’s a great excuse to do so. Folks love to experience true farm life.


    • Commitment to promoting your farm operation in a respectful & unique manner.
    • Generation of press, photography, blog and social media posts when possible.
    • Set-up and tear-down of event.
    • The purchasing of your products to be used in chef recipes that riders eat.
    • Working with a knowledgeable and experienced staff of volunteers.
    • Proceeds go to future rides so we can continue to contribute to sustainable agriculture and transportation movements from a grassroots level.
    • Fulfillment of what you communicate you wish to get out of the ride.