Local Burrito

IMG_1934Kyle Sieck had me at Kim-chi Tacos.

Farms, food and fermentation- the essence of the Culinary Ride. The fermentation piece however, often gets overlooked by chefs. Fermentation is so much more than beer! Before the fridge, we fermented. Kyle is keen to this largely forgotten method of food preservation and utilizes it with zeal. Paired with VersaLand in 2014, Local Burrito featured crunchy, brilliant pink and purple colored kimchi tacos, and I haven’t had anything quite like it since. This is much more than your average “mex” food truck. Kyle is devoted not only to sourcing the best ingredients, but exhausting their potential and taking the menu beyond typical. From our interview with Local Burrito Boy himself, you’ll gain a grasp of Kyle’s all-embracing approach to authentic local cuisine.

Quick bites…

Favorite veggie?

Each year I find myself connecting with one vegetable in an intimate way. Last year was red cabbage, the year before kale. This year I’m thinking cucumber. Flavors of fermentation are big for me right now. Starting making my own kim-chi last year, this year I look forward to make some yummy pickles.

Beer, wine or martini? 

A true old-world, dry British Cider hits the spot. I drink a lot of Sutliff on tap (not old school, but tasty enough). My cousins just started a cider farm outside Portland, OR, I look forward to annual visits and helping with the brew.

Typical breakfast?

Coffee. I prefer to use the morning to digest the food I most likely ate too late in the previous day. I prefer lunch as my main meal with multiple afternoon snacks to follow.

Favorite tool?

I have this pick/maddox tool which is half pick-axe, half hoe. I do all my gardening, landscaping and ice removal with it. Best tool ever.

Cake or pie?

I’m a big fan of traditional Austrian Pastries with fresh berries and homemade bavarian creme–found at Strudel Haus in CR.

Chicken or beef?

Beef all day. Especially in homemade teriyaki sauce with grilled kim chi.IMG_1933

I never get tired of…

Masala Indian Lunch Buffet

Everybody needs…..

A jar of bacon grease too cook with everything.

Favorite celebrity chef?

I don’t believe in celebrities. But, if I were to pick, it would be my Mom.

Favorite music to listen to in the kitchen?

Roots Reggae.

Number of bikes you own?


Best work experience?

I really enjoy my wholesale work. Less stress and I enjoy the challenge of honing in recipes and finding efficient methods for cooking large amounts of food.

Favorite local farm you work with?

Echollective for life.

Why participate in the Culinary Ride?

‘Cause its too cool not too.

Deep dish…

You’re involved in a lot of projects as owning a small business requires creativity. What have you discovered works best?

Taking time to plan and create schedules helps a lot. Google docs and calendar are my best friends. I really like the creative process in general, my strengths are in creating menus, finding new ways/places to sell food, pursuing new value added-products, etc. My biggest weakness is management. I like to create, then move on. I have a hard time keeping up with my creations.

Percentage of customers arriving to Local Burrito by bicycle?

Very few.

Why do bicycling and local food go hand-in-hand?

They both grow out of the need to heal the world. Period.

Someone is interested in using locally sourced ingredients for their small business- any advice?

Make connections with local farms–get cell phone numbers of producers and communicate weekly. Know when farmers have surpluses of items and stock up. Also, buy “uglies” “seconds” and “thirds”– anything too ugly for yuppies.

Any special projects in the works?

I am looking for investors, partners, managers, drivers, and chefs to help take Local Burrito to the next level. The next level includes increased wholesale distribution, construction of/collaboration with shared commercial kitchen space, creating a Local Burrito Cafe, increased private event catering, more festivals, more public food trucking, and more farmers markets.

If you could invent anything to make your work easier what would it be?

Hand-crank egg cracking machine.

Ride on.