Northern Ridge Berry Farm

Who from the 2012 Culinary Ride got a Farm Tour from Farmer David Lacina himself? Did he manage to put a big ol’ fat smile on your face as he always does mine? Even over the phone for a brief interview with David, I was all teeth. I imagine, even in mid-April, he’s wearing is signature cut-off button-up. Knife on one hip and phone holster on the other, outside in the sunshine tending to all sorts of business.

If you missed your chance to meet David and the rest of the Lacina Family, you’re in luck because we’re rolling through the greater NW Iowa City region again this Sept. 20th and we’re stopping at the Northern Ridge Berry Farm. It’s not to be missed.

Round-two! It’s a first “return visit” to any farm for us Culinary Riders and we’re excited to see what new projects and produce the Lacinas have been working on since our last visit three years ago. When I asked David what percentage of his customers arrive to the farm by bicycle, he answered with no hesitation, “0.5%”. This year, that percentage will be a wee-bit higher.

I also asked David, why would he say YES to having us bicycle-crazed, food lovin’ folk out to NRBF for a second time. “Oh, you know, just to get new and interesting people out to the farm. Show-off the place a bit. We’re proud of our work. We’re making people lives a little bit better selling fresh, healthy food.” The Lacina’s mission: produce high quality food that everyone can enjoy and afford. And, affordability is right! Check out their fruits and veggies and of course, their You-Pick Berry Patches.CulinaryRide-144

“This year we’re planting 100,000 plants and we won’t even come close to keeping up with demand!”, says Lacina.

“We’re planting 3000 heads o’ broccoli/week for the next 14 weeks!”

Broccoli stats for the coming months:

  • 150-175 cases/week to Hy-Vee.
  • 17 heads of broccoli/case.
  • 1 head = 1 plant.


Thanks for all you do Bonnie, Penny, David, Cierra, Dakota and Alex. Looking forward to touring your magical farm again.