Chef Beacom & The Marq

will 1024x480You can find Chef Will Beacom serving up gustatory delights at the farm to table restaurant, The Marq, nestled on the outskirts of downtown Marquette. It was over elderberry aperitifs and an intimate gathering of friends for Sunday Brunch that I first enjoyed Will’s food. The Marq restaurant focuses on using local products and strives to build a symbiotic relationship with the farmers they source from. Will carries this enthusiasm for real food with him outside of work and it is evident it fills him with joy to share with others his love for authentic local cuisine.

So, what makes this Chef happy to cook up a seasonal fare for his pals after long weekend and late nights working in the kitchen? I asked Will, and his responses reveal just a pinch about this passion for local food. For a real taste though, you will have to mosey on down to The Marq. Or get invited to Sunday Brunch.


Why participate as a Featured Chef on the Marquette Culinary Ride?

It provides me a rewarding opportunity to share delicious food with the community. I look forward to interacting with riders and celebrating local food.

Why do you think bicycling and local food go hand-in-hand? What does The Marq do to contribute to this symbiosis?

“There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced, as by a good tavern or inn.” – Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

The connection between farmer, cook, and guest is alive at The Marq.  A great deal thought, time, and love is invested in the food. We are excited to be supporting local farms and to showcase their hard work. Equally dedicated are the bike enthusiasts in this community. Marquette is enriched by the bounteous, passionate individuals contributing to a spirited sense of place.

What do you think hinders more chefs from using locally sourced ingredients? Do you have any practical advice from working at The Marq for getting past this?

Unfamiliarity with fresh ingredients. Learn simple preparations and be an adventurous eater.

Favorite veggie?


Top 3 ingredients you use at The Marq?

Eggs, Fire, Love

Beer, wine or martini?


Favorite kitchen tool.


Everybody needs to try…

The Marq Burger w/ Blackrocks Beer

Favorite kitchen music?

James Brown

How many bikes do you own?

Two, and the road bike is my favorite.

Know any fancy bike tricks?

Wearing a helmet.

Favorite food memory?

Grandfather and I eating strawberries until my stomach hurt.

Who in the food world do you most admire?

Francis Mallmann

Death Row meal?


If you could invent anything to make your work easier in the restaurant what would it be?

Stopping time, even for brief periods.


Ride on Beacom.