Trumpet Blossom


It’s the only vegan restaurant in town and Chef Katy Meyer is dedicated to packing her menu full with locally sourced produce. When she contacted us about hosting the post-ride fiesta at Trumpet Blossom Cafe for the 5th Anniversary Iowa City Culinary Ride, we of course, said Yes! We asked her what percentage of her customers arrive to the restaurant by bicycle and her response was a whopping twenty percent. Love it! Here Katy answers some more questions to some of life’s greatest pleasures- local food, laughter, and lots of coffee.

Top three ingredients?

Onions, garlic, lemon.

Beer, wine or martini?

None right now but normally martini.

Typical breakfast?

I love me some peanut butter toast.

Favorite tool?

A sharp knife. Close second: microplane.

Cake or pie?

Must I choose? Both

Favorite thing to ferment?

The old standby, cabbage.

I never get tired of…

Reading cookbooks.

Everybody should get more…

Local produce.

Favorite celebrity chef?

Isa Moskowitz

Favorite music to listen to in the kitchen?

Neil Young if I want something with words or the classical station if I want no words.

How many bikes do you own?


Best work experience?

The Red Avocado, pre-owner days, when I was still in awe and naive.

Favorite local farm you work with?

Friendly Farm

Why participate in the Culinary Ride?

Why not? It’s an incredible event and I get to cook with a ton of local food and interact with folks who are seriously into it.

Owning a business, running a kitchen and bar, and having a baby requires lots of energy and creativity. Do you have a special secret, what do you enjoy the most, or what would you like to do more of?

Coffee, coffee, and coffee answers all three questions. Seriously. Oh, and asking for help and being able to rely on competent and supportive co-workers and my beyond wonderful spouse.

What does your morning routine entail?

Make the baby laugh, because then everything seems wonderful and perfect. Eat, hydrate, make/check the to-do list & try to envision doing at least half the things that need to get done.

What advice can you give someone interested in using locally sourced ingredients for their small business?

Reach out to other local restaurants and see if they have contacts, go to the farmers’ markets, look at online sources for connecting farmers to consumers, ask at your local coop or grocery store where the get local items.

Any new projects that you want people to know more about?

We’re starting to sell more products at New Pioneer and I’m beginning to wrap my head around planning some classes to teach through New Pi as well!

If you could invent anything to make your work easier what would it be/do?

A clone of myself from five years ago.